Image to LaserScan Registration

Image to Laserscan registration is a process to calibrate a given RGB image to a laser-scan reflectance signal. This is necessary in order to be able to colorize a laser scanned 3D environment. This operation is performed by identifying common elements, called features, in both the image and the scan by a process called matching. Naturally, the extracted features in the image and the scan need to be similar enough to be matched after undergoing various transformations i.e. perspective changes, distortions, noise. The feature matching process becomes particularly troublesome when the image-to-be-registered and the laser scan exhibit different intensity modalities as this requires the additional burden of finding descriptors that are similar to each other from these two different representations.

In this project we have developed a completely new method for calibrating an RGB Image to a laser-scanned environment for Autodesk. Below images show some of the results of our technique.