Image stitching is the process of combining multiple images with overlapping fields of view to produce a panorama or a high resolution image. Stitcher is our solution for this particular problem.

Example images for Stitching

Stitcher performs in three main stages: geometric calibration, photometric calibration and blending.

Geometric calibration accounts for finding the relative position of the images with respect to each other, focal length of the
images, and the distortion parameters of the lens.

Images are then warped based on the panorama type such as spherical, cylindrical or rectilinear.

Afterwards, through photometric calibration we find and apply rectifying color transformations to all the images to map them to a common color space. Finally, all the images are blended and the final panorama is formed.

Rectilinear panorama without photometric calibration

Rectilinear panorama with photometric calibration

Spherical Panorama with the 2nd image’s color space

Spherical Panorama with the 5th image’s color space

Stitched Panoramas: