Pixel Scanner

is a solution to automated 3D modeling from images.
PixelScanner is our solution to automated 3D modeling from images. It is the end product of many years of research and is one of the most efficient solutions in the world. It is capable of processing hundreds of images to output Camera Calibration information, a 'Dense 3D Point Cloud Model' and a 'High Quality Textured Mesh Model' of a scene in mere minutes without any user intervention.

It is performed in 4 distinct stages

Image Capture

This is the only part where the user is involved in the process.

Camera Calibration

it is the image calibration part where the geometric and photometric information about the data set is extracted.
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Point Cloud Computation

it is the extraction of a dense point cloud model of the object. This stage makes use of the calibration information and requires heavy computational resources.
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Mesh Model Extraction

it is the computation of a triangulated mesh from the point cloud and the texturization of this mesh using the captured images.
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