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Aurvis R&D

Aurvis is a research and development company specializing in computer vision and machine learning problems.

We develop automated and customized solutions for all kinds of advanced image and video processing problems. Some but not all of our past projects are presented in our R&D Solutions page:

  • PixelScanner estimates very accurate and detailed models of real world objects using only their photographs.
  • Stitcher stitches images in any color profile.
  • LRSE is a stereo solver for low resolution images.
  • StarGazer is a celestial referencing device that recognizes star patterns and estimates orientation in the Earth Centric Reference frame
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2014.09: Updated R&D Solutions Page
2014.07: We are collaborating with Autodesk Reality Capture team for the development of new computer vision applications.
2014.07: We have renewed our contract with TUBITAK UZAY for the second phase of the Star Tracker project.
2014.05: Five new publications in 2014
2013.05: We are developing the first national Star Tracker system in collaboration with TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute.